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Reduced Costs

Enjoy the security and sophistication of private aviation, paying only a modest initiation fee and occupied fixed hourly rates.


Fly mission appropriate aircraft, with guaranteed availability, across all sizes and categories.


Experience our round the clock culture committed to the highest safety standards and best customer experience in the industry.

Membership in a club like no other

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8760 = 24 (Hours) x 365 (days)

It’s saving time and money, while enjoying the sophisticated comfort of private aviation. It’s having one solution to all your aviation needs regardless of where, when and with whom you travel. It’s the comfort of knowing that safety will always be paramount. It’s access to the most professional, attentive team in the business – bringing unparalleled experience, passion, and integrity to every interaction every single hour of the year.

For a low initiation fee and low annual dues, members receive:

  • Guaranteed occupied hourly pricing on a pay as you fly basis
  • Pre-purchase programs available with greater guarantees and shorter call-out periods
  • Exclusive access on a fleet basis to the King Air 350i aircraft
  • Experience the renowned Wheels Down lifestyle, events and partnership benefits program

A guaranteed cost-effective fleet at your command

Wheels Up Fleet: King Air 350i

The wheels up king air 350i

Wheels Up Fleet: Citation Excel/XLS

THe wheels up Citation Excel/XLS

Wheels Up Fleet: Midsize, Super-Midsize and Large

Midsize, Super-Midsize and Large

Wheels Up Fleet: Light Jets

Light Jets

Wheels Up Fleet: Global


Wheels Up Fleet: Helicopter


SAFETY is our number 1 priority

Our commitment to providing each Wheels Up member with an exceptional flight experience begins with the foundation of our business – safety. No question. No compromise. Period.

Our on-demand air transportation operators are chosen for standards that far exceed those required for certification by the FAA. To be considered, the operator must meet standards established by Wheels Up, verified by Wheels Up, and continuously monitored by Wheels Up.


Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up Founder & CEO

Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up Founder & CEO

Wheels Up was created and is led by Kenny Dichter, the Founder of Marquis Jet and innovator of the first 25-hour fractional jet card. Along with Co-Founder and President David Baxt and Co-Founder Bill Allard, the Wheels Up Team is a group of exceptional individuals possessing the knowledge and innovation needed to effectively develop and ensure the ongoing success of Wheels Up.